I can't say I'm surprised, I really can't say I'm surprised but I'm still disgusted. The fact that someone would try to justify cold blooded murder, the fact that we are ridiculed when we decide enough is enough, the fact that black people have been disrespected, raped, hung, castraed and have faced the worst ongoing genocide for over 400 years to the point that we shout "Black Power", "we shall over come" and "Black Lives Matter" and then people can't understand why? Are you fucking high? I came from God, I shouldn't be nervous when I leave my house, My heart shouldn't drop when I see a police officer and I shouldn't have to give myself a headache from straining to stop thinking about all the ways in which my family could find out how they've killed me. I'm a human, being goddamnit, My life has value. This photo was taken in 2012, in Ft. Myers FL by my sister Lexey Swall, right after Travon Martin was murdered, I still feel that way, I'm not surprised,