Freedom Hall University: The Power of Hip Hop and Writing

All children deserve a chance to express themselves. At risk youth aren't troubled kids, they are kids in trouble. Every student deserves an equitable education and so to fill the achievement gap sometimes we need other measures of student empowerment. Using and implementing Hip Hop now for the same reasons it was created in the late 70’s, to give the disenfranchised a voice and an outlet. The elements of Hip Hop are still valuable and powerful tools to allow students the avenue to express themselves constructively. The students who attend Freedom Hall University (FHU) will learn the importance of reading and writing, the origins of Hip Hop, and learn better ways to express themselves during conflict using the art form.


Freedom Hall University is a program that introduces and teaches inner city youth (ages 12-19) the history of Hip Hop and how to express themselves through the art of poetry, both individual and collective. The course will focus on reading, writing and expression.