Review by Juan Diaz


Review by Juan Diaz

I think greatness is reached when we learn how to let go of ourselves and create something that is perfectly balanced, as much male as it is female. Just simply... Human. And it should actually be the HE and the SHE in the I .

- Juan Diaz


h e excerpts

h e excerpts

h e

her endearment




I was standing on the corner

in the Sky

tryna find a place to live

not knowing I can fly

wondering why

all these guys

were passing me by

they were living in their dreams

I was remembering mine.

god cake


Life is just a marriage

we believe in

so when I leave this facade

Ima have a Minaj

with two demons

recording what I'm seeing

Marvin asked what's going on

I'm tryna find the answer

while I'm breathing..



She states, “with that time you waste

you could be great

it's like you're starring in a mirror

without seeing your face

and by the time you find yourself

you'll be somebody else

standing under

another star

seeking some bodies help.


s h e excerpts

s h e excerpts

s h e

synthesizing his emotions


she said


She said, “You're the greatest man

That ever lived

Staring at the world

Not understanding it's his

And by the time you realize

You'll probably forget

And I'll just be another sound

That was drowned 

in the wind.


a love story


Love was a field to be filled with.. 

No matter what it was Love you gonna feel this

Love was a drug no one should deal with

end up getting judged

appealing real quick..


s h e


They say 

people come into your life for a reason.. 

This is a theory that I believe in.

She had his heart but she wouldn't know

because she's unconscious of her own.